Tunnel plans in the Shetland Isles

26 November 2009

The Shetland Isle of Whalsay could benefit from a £111 million tunnel as local councilors begin to see it as a good alternative to spending £60m on ferries and terminals that would boost transport links between the 20 km2 island and the mainland.

According to local media reports, the case for a fixed link was punted by SIC services chairman Gussie Angus at a meeting of the infrastructure committee earlier this week. His ideas were boosted by Councillor Josie Simpson, from Whalsay, who said he had asked people's opinions during a trip to Faroe last week and all had told him "You're crazy - go for tunnels!" But tunnels were five to 10 years in the future, he said, and Whalsay could not wait that long because it has a crisis with its terminal now.