Swedish tunnel comes in under budget

30 November 2009

Just one year ahead the opening of Citytunnel, Malmö, Sweden, a new final-cost prognosis has revealed that the project will come in under budget. In a prognosis calculated by Citytunneln, it was found that the project will cost SEK8,565 billion (US$1,229 billion) instead of the budgeted SEK9,450 billion (US$1,357 billion).

The figure has been reached after costs from all the major contractors were summarised, and because the cost of the remaining work can be estimated more accurately. The new calculation shows that the cost of the whole project will finish at SEK8,565 billion at 2001 prices, which is almost SEK1 billion (US$885 million) less than the project budget.

"We took plenty of time and we were very thorough with the tender documentation. We also managed to create a good climate of cooperation between ourselves and the contractors who won the procurements. The focus has always been on solutions and we have solved most of the problems together, which has prevented increased costs" says Citytunneln's project manager, Örjan Larsson.