Siemens to deliver complete technical infrastructure

10 November 2010

Siemens has been awarded the contract to provide the complete technical infrastructure for a freeway tunnel in Italy.

The client constructing the tunnel is Rome-based building contractor Grand Lavori Fincosit, contracted by Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade (Independent National Roads Company).

The contract, valued in excess of EUR 22M (USD 30.6M), is for the outfitting of the A3 Macrolotto Highway tunnel with all necessary electrical equipment. Siemens revealed this includes: traffic control systems, power supply, lighting and ventilation as well as the communication and camera surveillance equipment.

The tunnel system consists of four natural and two artificial tunnels. The tunnel is located in the urban area of Lauria, in the province of Potenza.

Siemens said it won this contract due to its ‘good relationship’ with the client as well as its previous experience supplying the Grande Viabilita Trieste Tunnel in 2007.