L-SurF call for partners

22 October 2007

A call for more research partners for safety and security needs in European tunnels has been issued with a deadline of 31 October.

The current research body, L-surF (Large Scale Underground Research Facility), said new partners are wanted to help establish a new European organisation for the next stages of research, which envisages greater collaboration between countries.

L-surF said it intends to contact interested parties by December. It added the intention was not so much to change the existing systems but help introduce a more strategic approach for Europe.

The project is sponsored by the EU, which gave US$4.7M for the current work that ends early 2008. Existing partners in L-surF are: VHS, Test gallery Hagerbach, Switzerland; SP, the Swedish National testing and Research Institute; TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research; Ineris, the Institut National de l’environement industriel et de risques, France; and, Stuva, Germany.

L-surF said more harmonisation and standardisation was wanted. It has not been decided if new tunnel construction is needed.

L-surF are looking for new partners to join the next stage of its European Union funded tunnel fire and security research L-surF are looking for new partners

L-surF are looking for new partners L-surF are looking for new partners