ITA 2020 award winners announced

7 December 2020

A virtual ceremony of the ITA Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards 2020 was concluded on Friday 4 December in place of the usual ‘physical’ event.

The sixth and first-ever virtual manifestation of the ITA Awards took place as part of a two-day conference and exhibition which allowed visitors to explore a virtual environment that included a lobby, exhibition hall and auditorium.

This year there were eight awards categories and the winners were:

Major Project of the Year (€500m+):
John Holland CPB Ghella JV – tunnelling and excavation works for Sydney Metro City & Southwest project, (Australia)

Project of the Year (€50m-€500m)
Chinatown Station of the Central Subway Programme, San Francisco (US)

Project of the Year including Renovation (up to €50m):
=Lower Otta Hydropower project (Norway)
=Fedro Tunnel Renovation technique (Switzerland)

Technical Innovation of the Year:
Innovative automated geological forward-prospecting technique for hard rock (China)

Overcoming the Challenge:
Tunnel crossing giant karst cave (China)

Oddities of the Underground:
Tunnelling in the service of archaeology (Israel)

Innovative and Contributing Underground Spaces:
Union Square Market Street Station (US)

Young Tunneller of the Year:
Josh Barry (Australia)

Readers who were unable to tune into the finalists’ presentations, or visit the exhibitor stands or look through selected ITA documents and videos can do so until 18 December at: