hyperTunnel to debut at the World Tunnelling Congress

4 August 2022

hyperTunnel will exhibit for the first time at the World Tunnelling Congress (WTC) in Copenhagen next month.

The UK start-up will also return to the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) Conference & Exhibition in London on October 11-12. The company formally launched its method to transform underground construction at the same event in 2021. 

At both shows, hyperTunnel will present a working demonstration of a section of its robot-led swarm construction platform. Visitors will be able to see ‘hyperBots’ working from within an underground pipe to conduct their various programmed tasks as part of a grid. The company says the method, whereby complete structures are built according to a digital twin, is designed to be faster, safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly than current techniques. 

“Our attendance at both shows reflects widespread industry acceptance of and interest in hyperTunnel’s solutions, from around the world. There is a genuine awakening going on in relation to the use of robots, digital twins and AI in construction. It’s not exclusive territory to hyperTunnel of course, but our advanced integrated package is now established as offering what the tunnelling and construction industries are aiming for in many existing and new applications,” said Jeremy Hammond, co-CEO and co-founder. 

hyperTunnel has grown significantly during the past 12 months, with new investments, industry partnerships and the completion of a full-size pilot tunnel in the UK.  

In June hyperTunnel received a financial investment from Vinci to support business expansion and further develop the hyperTunnel method in practical situations. It has also received €1.88m from the European Innovation Council to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and innovations.?  

The WTC will take place in Copenhagen from September 2-8. For more information click here