HNTB appoints tunnel ventilation and fire life safety engineer

5 September 2019

USA – Bernd Hagenah joined HNTB’s national tunnel practice as principal engineer tunnel ventilation and fire life safety, and associate vice president.

Hagenah’s has over two decades of experience, which includes tunnel ventilation and climate, safety, rail aerodynamics and thermodynamics, and site ventilation. His underground projects expertise includes peer review expert for tunnel ventilation and fire and life safety for the largest underground rail project in Germany; peer review of tunnel ventilation and expert opinion about tunnel ventilation concept and control concept for several rail tunnels in Israel; climate assessment for a new 30km metro line in Germany; peer expert tunnel ventilation, climate and aerodynamics for a large tunnel project in the northeast US; and design lead for tunnel ventilation, climate and aerodynamics on two new double bore metro lines in Australia.

Hagenah earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen University, as well as a degree in physics from the University of Gottingen. In addition to his significant practical experience, he has published more than 15 professional papers on his areas of tunnel and underground expertise, including ventilation and fire life safety, aerodynamic and flow measurements, and site ventilation.

“Bernd is internationally known as one of the world’s top technical experts and thought leaders in tunnel ventilation and aerodynamics,” said Sanja Zlatanic, PE, HNTB chair national tunnel practice, senior vice president and HNTB Fellow. “The expertise he brings to HNTB is both valuable and impressive as underground mobility solutions and tunnel methodology continue to evolve and grow in importance in the U.S. due to increased population migration to cities, and a need to minimise surface disturbance during construction and impacts on communities and businesses.”