Forrestfield-Airport Link procurement begins

26 November 2014

AUSTRALIA - An industry briefing was held on 14 November as the start of procurement activities for the Forrestfield-Airport Link. The project, to be located in Perth, Australia will create a rail link branching out to the airport and the Forrestfield suburb in the city’s southeast.

Twin 6.2m-diameter 8km-long twin tunnels are to be bored through soft ground conditions, with a requirement to pass under the Swan River and Perth Airport, which will be operating throughout the project. Nine cross passages (three with egress shafts) will be required, as well as three new stations, of which two will be underground. Excavation method should be TBM, but type has not yet been determined.

Preliminary geotechnical studies have revealed Common Perth Units and Ascot Formation (calcerous sand to calcarenite cobbles). All geological units are Potentially Acid Sulphate Soils. Some 1Mm3 of spoil will be produced, and re-use will be looked at.

The delivery model is a lump sum design and construct contract. Expressions of interest will be called for early in 2015, requests for proposals in the middle of 2015, contract award will be in mid 2016, tunnelling commences in 2017, completes in 2019, and trains should be running by 2020. The contract will include responsibility for commissioning, some elements of maintenance, but will exclude rolling stock.

Separately the client, Public Transport Authority of Western Australia, will be tendering some utilities relocation work ahead of the main contract.