CH2M HILL named program management advisor for San Mateo’s Clean Water Program

14 November 2014

USA - The City of San Mateo awarded CH2M HILL a program management advisor contract to oversee its Clean Water Program, the company announced November 11.

The Clean Water Program includes approximately USD 900M in total program costs escalated over a 20 year period to upgrade the City's sanitary sewer collection and wastewater treatment system.

CH2M HILL will provide program services, including Program Planning and Administration, Program Controls, Technical Planning, Engineering Support, Portal Management, and Construction Support, to implement the combined Clean Water Program (CWP) Master Plan. Currently, the City of San Mateo is finalizing a key component of the Master Plan - their capital improvement program (CIP), with partners, stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

Like many cities across the U.S., the City of San Mateo's original sewer pipes date back to the early 1900s and the wastewater treatment plant was largely constructed from 1935 to 1980. The facility's aging assets have reached the end of their useful service life and are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. The City is also under two regulatory programs driving them to stop Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and storm water events from blending, as well as upgrading both its collection and treatment systems. The City's CWP Master Plan will not only address aging infrastructure and regulatory needs, but will help the City achieve its sustainability goals by optimizing wastewater treatment, biogas utilization, and conveyance infrastructure.

"We are honored that the City of San Mateo selected CH2M HILL as its advisor on the Clean Water Program," said Jay Witherspoon, CH2M HILL Vice President, Program Manager, and Global Service Team Leader, Water Resources & Ecosystems Management. "Implementing the combined CIP will require a tremendous effort in planning, coordination, standardization, and program controls. Our experience and technical knowledge in programs, planning, designing, constructing, starting-up, and commissioning wastewater collection systems and treatment plants will be beneficial to the success of this project."