Automated underground freight transport moves a step closer

27 June 2022

Switzerland’s Federal Council has paved the way for the underground freight tunnel network Cargo Sous Terrain (CST).

Last week the Council agreed that the law on underground goods transport would come into effect on August 1, 2022, creating the legal basis for the privately financed freight transport project.

CST, which was launched in 2013, will stretch from Geneva to St Gallen, providing a tunnel network for automated, driverless electric freight vehicles. The first 70km section, connecting the Härkingen-Niederbipp hub with Zurich, is scheduled to open in 2031 and CST plans to create a 500km nationwide network by 2045.

CST is currently working on planning permission, initially focusing on the cantons of Aargau, Solothurn and Zurich.

The project is financed by private investors, including Afry, Pini, Implenia and Siemens.