Aecom to provide technical assistance for the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail line

3 December 2019

France – Aecom has been awarded a framework contract to provide technical support for the design and construction stages of the Lyon to Turin high-speed rail line, which includes 57.5km twin bored base tunnel between St Jean de Maurienne, France, and Chiomonte in Italy.

Aecom has been appointed as delivery partner to the client, Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin (TELT), to accompany in the delivery of the design, procurement and construction of the civil works, rail systems and the environmental protection measures for the high-speed rail line.

The project is being carried out in a joint venture between Italian State Railways (FS) and the French state.

The Mont Cenis base tunnel is situated 45km on the French side and 12km on the Italian side, with about 204 communication bypasses located each 333m. Four intermediate accesses, five central ventilation systems and three underground security areas are also planned.

Works include the main and secondary tunnels, mounting chambers and wells for a length of more than 160km, and they are being excavated by a mechanized method for around 80km using simultaneously 9TBMs, while the rest with the traditional method.

The completion of the rail link will not only lead to improved safety and speed for passengers travelling between Italy and France, but it also set to improve the alpine environment by transferring the equivalent of one million lorries from road to rail.