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Northern exposure
27 September, 2019
A round-up of tunnel work in the Nordic Forum

Enrique Fernández González
16 August, 2019
Alejandro Sanz of gGravity Engineering remembers Enrique Fernández González (1960-2019)

Metropolitana Di Napoli
21 September, 2018
Paola De Pascali talked to Giuseppe Molisso, Ansaldo’s project director, about challenges met during construction of Naples Metro Line 6, situated in a dense historical and artistic environment

Tunnelling in the jungle
22 January, 2018
Snakes and hard sandstone were among the challenges facing Seli Overseas on a new 11.5km low pressure headrace tunnel for a hydroelectric project in Laos

Why hold back those tiers
12 October, 2017
Martin Knights looks at the process of cooperation and innovation, and calls for a more collegial approach

Balancing the old with the new
21 August, 2017
Creating Thessaloniki’s first ever metro system means striking a balance between preserving historic artefacts and delivering a state of the art public transport system

India's growing pains
17 February, 2016
Metro projects and hydropower schemes continue to drive India’s tunnelling market, and more opportunities are yet to come but challenges remain in the competitive market, Bernadette Ballantyne reports

TAC Review
30 January, 2015
The Tunnelling Association of Canada’s regional directors give their annual reports on the industry.

In Review
06 November, 2014
In partnership with the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC), every October Tunnels & Tunnelling North America publishes the annual TAC regional director’s report. The four directors take a look at the country’s current marketplace for tunnelling and underground construction, as well as milestones over the past year.

Inroads below
04 December, 2013
TBMs, hybrids, and pipejacking technology are finding greater applications and opportunities in mining, reports Patrick Reynolds

Invisible options
21 June, 2013
As urban infrastructure moves underground, SEM has proved to be a very flexible tool to construct complex underground structures. With blasting restrictions in many cities, roadheaders are providing reasonable production rates combined with low noise and vibration levels. Enrique Fernandez and Alejandro Sanz, both of Dragados, and Juergen Laubbichler of Dr. Sauer & Partners, explain why the industry should consider SEM in urban environments.

Copenhagen copes
28 February, 2013
Alex Conacher speaks to Guy Taylor, project director of client Metroselskabet, and Soren Eskesen, head of Cityringen tunnelling for the client, and chair of the Danish Tunnel and Underground Works Association for this update from site, and a new project offshoot, as the first machine arrives in port and site preparations draw to a close

Lines in lahar
17 May, 2012
The lahar volcanic rock of west Panama proves a tough mix in TBM bores for hydro projects, reports technical journalist Patrick Reynolds

Holding it together: the birth and life of a fibre
19 October, 2011
As a more light-hearted look at the subject of steel fibre reinforcement of precast concrete, but with serious content, this article is an insight into the sometimes dynamic life of a fibre from manufacture to being held in position in the structural lining of a tunnel. Maurice Jones followed its progress

Brenner push
19 October, 2011
Excavation and procurement are advancing at the Brenner Base Tunnel with the third exploratory tube contract due to be awarded shortly and planning continuing for the main bores in the Alps. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Where the work is
18 October, 2011
As T&TI goes to press the general and business media are awash with stories of economic gloom and dire predictions, and yet the tunnelling industry in Western Europe seems relatively buoyant. Can this comparatively happy state continue? Maurice Jones checks on the major current and planned projects and the prospects for some big players headquartered in Western Europe

Choices for excavation–part 2
15 June, 2011
In this second and final part of our review of the extended capabilities of modern tunnel excavation methods, we examine the leading role of tunnel boring machines. Maurice Jones contacted some leading TBM manufacturers for their views and developments to expand the envelope of capabilities

Copenhagen cut
13 April, 2011
Detailed planning is underway for major excavations and tunnelling works on the Cityringen metro line in Copenhagen. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Not a job for everybody
14 March, 2011

Thessaloniki challenges
11 February, 2011
Challenges of archaeological discoveries, sensitive structures, geology and worksite availability face tunnellers on the Thessaloniki metro in Greece. Report by Patrick Reynolds