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Mexico’s Megatunnel
22 September, 2020
It is the world’s largest sewage project and has faced issues which mega projects of this nature usually face in terms of geology, delivery and budget. But T&T’s Julian Champkin finds that Mexico City’s Emisor Oriente is a triumph nevertheless

Building the mixed-ground mega tunnel
21 September, 2020
Roberto Gonzalez of The Robbins Company outlines the challenges and solutions on Mexico’s Emisor Oriente, one of the country’s most specialised projects with possibly the toughest, most complex conditions ever encountered by EPB TBMs

Robbins TBM overcomes tough Turkish geology
26 August, 2020
US-based TBM maker Robbins is celebrating another breakthrough, this time in Turkey. In July an 8m-diameter Robbins single shield TBM completed the first tube of the Bahçe-Nurdağı high-speed railway project in the southeast of the country.

Dual-diameter Robbins TBM makes steady headway
20 August, 2020
An innovative 11.6m-diameter Robbins main beam TBM continues to make good progress on the excavation of the 8km Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel in Dallas, Texas. The machine, which is the largest hard-rock TBM ever to bore in the US, began excavating in April 2020.

Crossover TBMS Tackle Mumbai Challenges
11 June, 2020
JP Bayart, Jim Clark and John McNally of The Robbins Company report on the progress of two TBMs boring through challenging mixed ground conditions on Mumbai’s metro

Grout or Slurry
14 May, 2020
Non-continuous pressurised TBM tunnelling with grouting offers great benefits over slurry when tunnelling through rock with the potential for high water pressure. Robbins owner Lok Home makes the case

Himalayan Crown
27 April, 2020
Binod Lal Amatya of Arcadis set out the proposal for a Kathmandu Valley Metro. Alex Conacher reports

Intermediate breakthrough at Letan
11 March, 2020
China – The TBM boring Lot 1 of the North Line Water Irrigation Project broke through in January. The 5.97m Robbins machine completed the first of two tunnels which will form an 11.9km-long conduit for this 29.4km drought tunnel network located near Laibin City in Guangxi Province.

Mill Creek Drainage Tunnel TBM unveiled
22 January, 2020
Texas – The City of Dallas unveiled the 11.6m-diameter hard rock machine that will bore the 8km-long Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel. The machine, manufactured by Robbins, will change diameter at one point along the bore and continue at a diameter of 9.9m.

City of Dallas unveils Mill Creek TBM
12 December, 2019
Texas – The City of Dallas recently unveiled the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel TBM, it announced December 6. The 37.7ft (11m) by 230ft long machine will excavate a 5-mile (8km) tunnel for flood protection.

Severomuysky Tunnel TBMs ordered
06 December, 2019
Russia – Two 10.37m-diameter Robbins Crossover (XRE) machines have been chosen to bore the second Severomuysky Tunnel. The tunnel is a 15.5km-long drive that will form part of a new rail line that will supplement the existing Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM).

Adverse conditions
14 November, 2019
Tunneling at Vietnam’s arduous Thuong Kon Tum HEPP draws to a close.

In the clear
31 October, 2019
Tunnelling below St. Louis will improve wastewater capacity and alleviate overflows, Desiree Willis, technical writer for Robbins, reports

Breakthrough on Parmer Lane Wastewater Interceptor
10 September, 2019
Texas – Breakthrough on the Parmer Lane Wastewater Interceptor saw the longest rock tunnel bored by a double shield TBM under 2.5m. The machine, a 2.46m Robbins, completed the 3,475m drive with no intermediate access.

NYC DEP celebrates breakthrough on Delaware Bypass project
19 August, 2019
New York – New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) commissioner Vincent Sapienza and crews celebrated the TBM breakthrough at shaft 6B on the Delaware Aqueduct Bypass tunnel project.

Dick Robbins 1933-2019
26 June, 2019
USA - The Robbins Company has sadly announced the passing of Richard James Robbins, president and CEO from 1958 to 1993. Dick passed away surrounded by family on Thursday May 30, 2019 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is survived by his wife Bonnie, son Jim and daughter Jennifer.

Final breakthrough at Emisor Oriente
12 June, 2019
Mexico – The final breakthrough was celebrated at Lot 4 of Mexico City’s Túnel Emisor Oriente (TEO) in May after marking the completion of ten years and 62.1km of tunnelling. The contractor, Carso Infraestructura y Construcción (CARSO) completed the drive with the last of six 8.93m diameter Robbins EPBs.

In the clear
06 June, 2019
Tunnelling below St. Louis will improve wastewater capacity and alleviate overflows, Desiree Willis, technical writer for Robbins, reports

Early breakthrough on Bheri Babai
23 May, 2019
Nepal – Crews holed through on the Bheri Babai Multipurpose Diversion Project in April 2019, one year ahead of schedule. The project, which was undertaken for the Government of Nepal’s Department of Irrigation, will supply local farmers with water throughout the dry season, as well as hydroelectricity.

Triumph in Turkey
07 May, 2019
Desiree Willis, technical writer for TBM manufacturer Robbins, discusses work on the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel in Turkey.