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Triumph in Turkey
07 May, 2019
Desiree Willis, technical writer for TBM manufacturer Robbins, discusses work on the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel in Turkey.

Breakthrough at Galerie des Janots
02 May, 2019
France – Breakthrough was achieved on the Galerie des Janots project in April. Contractor Eiffage completed the 2.8km-long water tunnel with a 3.5m-diameter Robbins Main Beam TBM.

Hybrid Strength
30 April, 2019
In just under a year, the TBM excavating the Ohio Canal Interceptor in Akron made its big breakthrough. Paola De Pascali reports on the mixed ground project.

Remaking Nepal
12 April, 2019
Alex Conacher travelled to the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project in Nepal, where, in a world first, tunnellers are driving a TBM through the Himalayan Siwalik geology. Once complete the project will unlock irrigation and hydropower potential in the region.

Breakthrough at Emisor Oriente
15 March, 2019
Mexico – A breakthrough ceremony was held at Lot 5 of the Emisor Oriente project in February. The contractor, Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) completed the 6km drive with an 8.93m-diameter Robbins EPBM. The drive required excavation through mixed face conditions, notably containing abrasive basalt.

Breakthrough on the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel
05 March, 2019
Turkey — Excavation works on a 9km-long section of the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel completed in December. The 31.6km tunnel, the longest water tunnel in Turkey, will go into operation in March and provide drinking water to Ankara.

Gap year
01 March, 2019
Tunnelling begins this year for the City of Louisville. Nicole Robinson reports on the Waterway Protection Tunnel

A peach of a pit
24 January, 2019
Overcoming obstacles and transforming an enormous quarry for Atlanta’s Water Supply Program

Driller Mike breaks through on Bellwood tunnel
29 October, 2018
USA – The TBM excavating a new water supply tunnel in Atlanta, Georgia has broken through. The 3.8m Robbins hard rock machine named Driller Mike after local rapper Killer Mike finished excavation of the 8km tunnel on 3 October.

Crushing it
05 October, 2018
In extremely hard rock, finely-tuned TBM operation is the key, finds Desiree Willis

TBM launches in Hiroshima
26 September, 2018
Japan – A 13.7m diameter slurry TBM made its first cut into hard rock on September 18 in Hiroshima, manufacturer Robbins announced today.

Progress of Nepal’s first TBM
30 July, 2018
Nepal – The TBM in use on the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project (BBDMP) achieved an advance rate of 1,000m in a month and has averaged 800m since the start of work in summer 2017.

Mumbai Metro machine arrives on site
27 July, 2018
India – One of two TBMs headed for Lot 3 of the Mumbai Metro arrived in port last month. The 6.65m Robbins XRE machine (hard rock single shield to EPB mode) will bore contract UGC-01 for Larsen & Toubro, which is in JV with Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.

Northside Excavation
26 July, 2018
Paola De Pascali speaks with City of Chicago engineers about the challenges of working in a dense residential area to build the Albany Park Stormwater diversion tunnel

Obras Subterráneas
24 July, 2018

04 July, 2018
Crews complete Montreal’s Rue Jarry tunnel on time after severe flooding, Desiree Willis of Robbins reports

Jilin breakthrough
03 July, 2018
China – The TBM mining the tunnel for the Jilin Yinsong Water Supply Project Lot 3 broke through in mid-May. The 24.3km tunnel forms a key part of the 736km scheme to divert water from a reservoir in the upper Di’er Songhua River to the drier regions of central Jilin Province in northeast China.

Tunnelling in Paradise
03 July, 2018
Rachel Sackett, director of marketing for Southland Holdings looks at the construction of Hawaii’s longest and largest TBM tunnel

Uncharted territory
25 April, 2018
Desiree Willis from TBM manufacturer Robbins asks if TBM tunneling in mixed face conditions ever be consistent?

Continuing education
26 March, 2018
For those seeking CEUs or to learn something new short course programs are on offer