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Why hold back those tiers
12 October, 2017
Martin Knights looks at the process of cooperation and innovation, and calls for a more collegial approach

Omaha CSO project celebrates TBM breakthrough
09 August, 2017
USA - The South Interceptor Force Main tunnel project in Omaha made its final breakthrough on August 5, following a year-long delay due to a stuck TBM in unexpected ground.

Istanbul’s Infrastructure
29 March, 2017
Istanbul urgently needs solutions for fresh water and wastewater management as well as for urban transportation. Technical journalist Roland Herr presents two projects, a wastewater and a Metro tunnel, where TBMs from the newly rebranded Canadian- Chinese Lovsuns Tunneling Canada are deployed to bore much anticipated tunnels

TAC 2016
10 January, 2017
The Tunnelling Association of Canada held its conference, Annual General Meeting and Annual Awards in Ottawa on October 17

In house
03 November, 2016
The City of Edmonton is known as having one of the most unique utility departments across North America - with more than 40 years of experience and knowledge of tunnelling. Nicole Robinson looks at recent work for TBM refurbishment

Breakthrough on UKPN tunnel
01 July, 2016
Great Britain – A 3km UK Power Networks (UKPN) tunnel has broken through in Tower Hamlets, east London. J. Murphy & Sons excavated the GBP 27M (USD 36M) 2.85m-diameter tunnel at a depth of 23-30m.

Take initiative
28 April, 2016
Erik Eberhardt, the president of the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC), discusses current Canadian projects and the industry group’s initiatives

Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd
11 December, 2015

TAC Reports
03 November, 2015
Every October the four Tunnel Association of Canada (TAC) regional directors provide anoverview of the market in their annual reports

Cable guy
10 October, 2013
A new cable tunnel has gone seemingly without a hitch in the Willesden/harlesden neighbourhoods of North London. Alex Conacher tours the site with Murphy’s tunnelling project manager Keith Pollard.

Mansky excavation completed
17 July, 2013
Tunnelling has been completed on the 2.5km Mansky Railway Tunnel. Contractor SK Most undertook work in the Krasnoyarsk Region in central Russia over approximately 18 months.

Down and out: caterpillar tunneling
04 June, 2013
There is no escaping the big story this month. The company that was going to change the way we buy TBMs and ultimately the way we design tunnels has abandoned the industry. Caterpillar last month announced the closure of it's Toronto-based TBM manufacturing business Caterpillar Tunnelling Coporation Canada (CTCC) and exited the TBM market.

Caterpillar to abandon tunnelling business
03 May, 2013
Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation (CTCC) revealed last night that it will exit the tunnelling business and cease all production by mid 2014. The company was created following Caterpillar’s purchase of Lovat in 2008. Caterpillar said the enterprise no longer represented a “strategic growth opportunity”.

The sweet spot
26 April, 2013
Canada is a great place for work with projects in nearly every major province and an influx of foreign companies who have taken notice. Tunnels North America spoke with several to see what they are seeking.

TYSSE TBM makes final breakthrough
26 March, 2013
One of the four 6.12m diameter Cat EPBs mining the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSEE) completed its final drive last week.

On the cutting edge
27 December, 2012
The process of mechanical excavation through dry ground, whether hard or soft, is pretty well understood. For ‘mixed’ ground, of whatever form, it is a different matter, especially if it is deep under groundwater. Maurice Jones reports that there is a consequent rush of TBM cutter development activities to gain the best competitive, and cutting, edge

EPBs get ready for Moscow metro project
23 November, 2012
Three Robbins EPBs and one refurbished machine are ready to excavate two 1.8km long tunnels for Moscow's metro development scheme, it was announced last week.

A glowing report
23 October, 2012
The TAC directors provide an update for each region

Work resumes on SK Most Group's Adler - "Alpika Service" route
27 September, 2012
Operations of the track laying have resumed on the Adler - "Alpika Service" , the 48km road and rail link part of a new infrastructure connecting Adler, the Olympic Park and Krasnaya Polyana. The builders are working in tunnel No. 3 of the route, which is near the town of Kepsha.

Buenos Aires settlement control
17 May, 2012
The Arroyo Maldonado tunnel project in Buenos Aires, Argentina aims to prevent the floods that periodically inundate the surrounding area of the Rio de Plata river. Some 15km of tunnels are located in difficult urban areas with little overburden. Enrico Dal Negro, Alessandro Boscaro and Richard Schulkins of the Mapei Underground Technology Team explore the difficulties