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Digging the deal on infrastructure
11 October, 2021
George Demetri takes a look at the state of US infrastructure, the possible causes of its lacklustre performance and how it may be improved, taking in along the way the views of some high-profile engineers and consultants

First Canadian mixshield TBM completes Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel
05 October, 2021
Excavation has been completed on Metro Vancouver’s tunnel under the Burrard Inlet which will convey drinking water from the North Shore to households throughout the region.

Hinkley Point C tunnels win ICE South West award
05 October, 2021
At a gala ceremony for the ICE South West Civil Engineering Awards held in Bristol, England on 30 September, Hinkley Point C Marine Works–Tunnels won the Project over £8m New Build Award.

Cool talk on Hinkley Point C
12 August, 2021
Matthew Fowler of Balfour Beatty gave June’s British Tunnelling Society online lecture on the offshore cooling water tunnels at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and the offsite construction of some of the critical components. Report by Ana Barbosa of Jacobs

Work well underway on first HS2 shaft
22 July, 2021
Engineers working on the UK’s new high-speed railway (HS2) have begun excavating the first of five ventilation and emergency access shafts for the 16km-long tunnels being bored under the Chiltern Hills.

Band of brothers or distant cousins?
30 April, 2021
Martin Knights FREng, former ITA President, compares the functions and fortunes over the past 50-odd years of the British Tunnelling Society and the International Tunnelling Association

Three bidders shortlisted for Lower Thames Crossing
07 April, 2021
Highways England has named three construction/engineering companies which it has shortlisted to build the proposed Lower Thames Crossing – destined to be the longest road tunnel in Britain and hailed as the most ambitious UK roads project for a generation.

Costain twins with Microsoft in digital tie-up
11 March, 2021
UK-based infrastructure solutions provider Costain is partnering with Microsoft to digitally optimise the way UK infrastructure is designed, delivered and operated.

Jacobs wins Lower Thames Crossing contract
03 February, 2021
Highways England has awarded Jacobs the £162.5m (US$221m) Integration Partner contract that will see it foster collaboration between Highways England and the Lower Thames Crossing’s three main works contracts.

Traylor-Shea to design and build RiverRenew tunnel system
20 November, 2020
US-based AlexRenew – the public utility for water renewal in Alexandria, Virginia – has awarded a US$454.4m contract to Traylor-Shea Joint Venture to design and construct the RiverRenew Tunnel System Project.

Highways England seeks partner for Britain’s longest road tunnel
11 November, 2020
Highways England is inviting tenders for the proposed £2bn (US$2.6bn) Lower Thames Crossing tunnel which will be the longest road tunnel in Britain and the third-largest TBM-bored tunnel in the world.

Up the junction, round the bend
23 October, 2020
While pushing a preformed portal box through an excavation has been done before, a Network Rail project demands that it be done on a curve – and that hugely increases the complexity. Julian Champkin reports

Country barn aims to placate HS2 opponents
24 July, 2020
On the surface, it is a functional, rustic, country barn set back from the road and in harmony with its bucolic setting. A closer inspection reveals not a barn at all but a headhouse for an HS2 tunnel ventilation shaft.

TBMs leaving site on the Sydney Metro project
25 February, 2020
Australia – The four 7m-diameter Herrenknecht double shields that excavated the tunnels for the City & Southwest phase of the Sydney Metro are being lifted out of construction sites and are leaving the city. Between them they have excavated 30km of twin metro tunnel and only the slurry TBM for the harbour crossing remains.

Encountering Pingoes
20 February, 2020
A slurry TBM encountered an unexpected drift filled hollow (DFH) on the Lee Tunnel drive. Three contributors told their part of the story: project geotechnical engineer Tim Newman gave a description of the project and some of the GI undertaken ahead of the drive, tunnel construction manager John Corcoran spoke about tunnel operations and consultant geologist Jackie Skipper about emergency response site team, forensic ground investigation to gauge extent of DFH, what is a DFH and tell-tale signs. Martyn Noak from Jacobs reports

Sydney Metro finishes city centre tunnels
22 January, 2020
Australia – Four out of five drives for the Sydney Metro’s ‘City and Southwest’ phase have been completed. The most recent breakthrough was into Barangaroo Station. These drives represent the entirety of the city centre tunnels, with only a second tube crossing the harbour still to be completed. As of 21 January, some 97% of tunnel excavation had been completed.

City & Southwest
20 January, 2020
Alex Conacher visits the Sydney Metro’s second phase to speak with Terry Sleiman, project director for the contractor John Holland CPB Ghella, Hugh Lawson, project director for the client, and Kate Cole, occupational health and hygiene manager for Transport for NSW

Central Interceptor project’s TBM ordered
14 November, 2019
New Zealand – The Central Interceptor wastewater project has ordered a 5.45m-diameter Herrenknecht EPB for its main 13km tunnel. The tunnel depth will vary from 15-110m, with a harbour crossing 15m below the seabed. The finished diameter of the tunnel will be 4.5m.

TAC Directors’ Reports / Quebec and Maritimes
22 October, 2019
Every autumn the TAC directors report on projects and activities in their regions.

New Zealand tunnel work inspires health and safety course
03 September, 2019
New Zealand – The New Zealand Tunnelling Society (NZTS) recently ran a three-day health and safety course in Auckland in recognition of the significant amount of tunnelling activity currently going on in the city. Two major tunnelling projects, City Rail Link and the Central Interceptor sewer project are in the early stages of construction as well as various small utility tunnel schemes.