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The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 2)
01 December, 2010
British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 1)
01 December, 2010
British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

A sinking success in Istanbul
19 October, 2010
Conceptual design drawings, dating back to Turkey’s Ottoman Period, show ambitious plans for a tunnel immersed under the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. It may have been a pipe dream back then, but that is no longer the case. Nicole Robinson visits the immersed tunnel of the Marmaray Project

A city steeped in history breaks new ground
19 October, 2010
Constructing an underground rail connection for the European and Asian sides of Istanbul will improve traffic and environmental conditions in the city, once completed. Along the way, contractor Taisei and joint venture partners are employing NATM, TBM, immersed tube and cut and cover excavation methods to build the Bosphorus Crossing, Nicole Robinson reports

So San Francisco doesn’t go thirsty
05 August, 2010
Like most infrastructure in the San Francisco area, the Crystal Springs By-pass Pipeline can be affected by seismic activity, so the risk assessment of its design, safety and functionality has to take this into consideration. It was decided that the risk, from landslide damage to the pipeline in particular, was too high to rely on the original structure, so an alternative by-pass tunnel was decided upon as just one, but a vital, part of the Water Supply Improvement Progam (WSIP) undertaken by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Maurice Jones reports on its completion.