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Capital metro expansion
14 December, 2010
In a race against the clock, contractors on the Delhi Metro have had to go ‘all guns blazing’ to make the tight deadlines laid down by the client. Jon Young spoke with Pawan Bhasin of contracting joint venture ITD (Ital-Thai Development)-ITD Cementation about the experiences on contract BC 24

The unforeseen struggle in the south
06 December, 2010
Unexpected squeezing, rockbursting and heat made the southern contracts exceptionally difficult testing both human and technical capabilities

Record drives at Amsteg and Erstfeld
06 December, 2010
The two drives for the northern section of Gotthard made the fastest progress including a world record TBM day rate. But they were not without their problems

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 2)
01 December, 2010
British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 1)
01 December, 2010
British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

Working on the west side
29 November, 2010
This summer saw a major milestone for the No. 7 Line Extension project, with the final breakthrough of the two TBMs mining the twin subway tunnels. Nicole Robinson looks into the project and its progress

Spending heads south
10 November, 2010
Mexico, Panama and Chile are seeing tunnelling for many of their infrastructure projects, and they’re not alone in the region, Nicole Robinson reports

Livorno landfall
19 October, 2010
A string of micro-tunnel drives are being bored to protect the local environment as part of a project to import gas on the Italian coast near Livorno. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Transportation salvation
19 October, 2010
The tunnelling industry in Southern Europe has taken in a hit during the financial crisis of the past few years. Though business is slower, there are transport projects picking up momentum in the Alps and metro work is carrying on in the east, Nicole Robinson finds

Old and new secure rail link
22 September, 2010
Within a programme of suburban rail link improvements around the nominal ‘Capital of Europe’, Brussels, the Schuman-Josaphat link between lines 161 and 26 is a small but vital part. Leading tunnelling contractor Denys has combined new and old support methods to ensure that the work is completed largely unseen and unheard. Maurice Jones reports.

Tunconstruct reports
24 August, 2010

Still thrusting forward
17 August, 2010
The jacking of pipes and other structures to create underground space is something of a Cinderella pursuit compared to the more glamorous, ‘sharp end’ activities of TBMs and drilling, yet it occupies an important place in our overall industry. Maurice Jones takes a look at the current state of technical development.

So San Francisco doesn’t go thirsty
05 August, 2010
Like most infrastructure in the San Francisco area, the Crystal Springs By-pass Pipeline can be affected by seismic activity, so the risk assessment of its design, safety and functionality has to take this into consideration. It was decided that the risk, from landslide damage to the pipeline in particular, was too high to rely on the original structure, so an alternative by-pass tunnel was decided upon as just one, but a vital, part of the Water Supply Improvement Progam (WSIP) undertaken by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Maurice Jones reports on its completion.

Home run for river clean up
03 August, 2010
Portland, Oregon has had more than its fair share of tunnelling work in recent years, all geared to improving the quality of its waterways particularly the Willamette River. A key and largest stage in this programme has been the East Side Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel Project, which is now approaching its conclusion after passing several milestones in the development of North American tunnelling. Maurice Jones reports.

North America’s project potential
29 July, 2010
Juggling the increasing tunnel work with a decreasing amount of manpower, North America is finding a balance to get the job done, reports Nicole Robinson

Price of the space race
20 July, 2010

Measuring up the Middle East
14 July, 2010
Metro schemes, roads and sewer projects are expected to boost to the tunnelling sector in the Middle East and North Africa with Egypt and the UAE leading the way reports Bernadette Redfern

Breaking new ground in Rome
13 July, 2010
Tunnellers on Rome’s Metro Line C are pioneering a new technology in Italy by using a hydraulic seal to prevent groundwater seepage when breaking into the reception shaft. Gianluca Gulino, Marco Barbanti, Tommaso Paolini of Metro C – Mechanised Tunnelling Division give this paper.

Excavating Cairo’s Metro Line 3
08 July, 2010
Cairo's rapidly growing population will have its transport problems eased by a new line for its metro system, reports Adrian Greeman

Two-component backfill grouting on Rome’s Line C
07 July, 2010
Four EPBMs are being used to excavate Rome’s Metro Line C Project under the city’s historic buildings, streets and monuments. A two-component backfilling system is being employed on the project to perfectly fill the annular space behind the concrete segments and minimise the superficial subsidence. Enrico dal Negro, Alessandro Boscaro and Richard Schulkins of the Mapei underground technology team and Gianluca Gulino of the Metro C mechanised tunnelling department give this paper