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Modular HDD rig eases assembly
01 December, 2001

Variable shield with added intelligence
01 December, 2001

On the alert for settlement
01 December, 2001
One of the most extensive ground monitoring surveys ever attempted is now under way in Amsterdam, years before tunnelling starts for the city's metro.

Sealing Sörenberg Success
06 November, 2001
Speedy diagnosis of the cause of cracking in the concrete segments making up the Sörenberg Tunnel lining, feeding more than 5km of gas pipeline beneath the mountains of central Switzerland, were central to its success. Italian consultant for the project Geodata explains.

Used, but not abused
06 November, 2001
As the amount of capital invested internationally in new equipment soars, refurbishment is rapidly increasing in status and becoming an even more attractive option when selecting plant. Talking to some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this sector, assistant editor Amanda Foley, reports on recent trends.

High speed Alpine drives on track
06 November, 2001
The new AlpTransit rail scheme in Switzerland will link the high-speed networks of Germany and Italy through the Gotthard and Lötschberg Tunnels. Felix Amberg and Annette Ruckstuhl-Richter of Amberg Ingenieurbüro give an overview of current operations.

ATHENS METRO – the continuing story
02 November, 2001
Athens has recently opened its new metro system though one station remains to be finished. But major new extensions are already being let.

Learning from experience
01 October, 2001
Innovation and developments of Herrenknecht's well-known Mixshield face support system for bored tunnel construction are described by Dipl-Ing Karin Bäppler of Herrenknecht, along with latest, valuable experience gained from such projects as Grauholz, Westerschelde, Socatop and Zurich-Thalwil.

Powering bends in BangkoK
22 September, 2001
A project to link two electricity substations via an 8km tunnel under Bangkok saw Skanska Lundby develop a new hydraulic method for sinking large shafts and find the right lubricant to let it pipejack relatively easily around obstacles. Mats Alexanderson of the contractor reported to the Bauma Microtunnelling Symposium in April this year

Small Bore and Pipe Jacking
20 August, 2001

Questions from the Floor
09 June, 2001

Microtunnelling manufacturers
09 June, 2001
T&TI reviews the major suppliers of small bore, remote controlled tunnelling equipment.

Micro interview
09 June, 2001

Grounds for micro-tunnelling choice
09 June, 2001
In comparing slurry and EPB tunnelling technologies, Werner Suhm and Birte Killmann of Herrenknecht stress the importance of selecting the right machine for the ground conditions.

Speeding up the SWISS RAIL network
02 May, 2001
The 3.1km Önzberg tunnel in Switzerland is part of the country's Bahn 2000 project, a major investment programme aimed at improving intercity rail services. Work currently is on to complete shotcrete supported excavations.

Problems at Monastiraki
02 May, 2001

Soft ground pipe jack for Bogota interceptor
07 April, 2001
Bernard Théron, chief engineer, CSM Bessac (Soletanche Bachy Group) reports on how the first soft-ground tunnel jacking in Colombia has been saving time and trenching.

World's set fair
01 March, 2001
Tunnelling machinery and major symposiums on tunnelling and microtunnelling will be prime features of Bauma 2001 to be held in Munich from 2-8 April. Mike Winney and T&TI report on major points of interest for tunnel engineers

In at the deep end - Part two
01 February, 2001
Continuing from the January issue, Maurice Jones reports on the tunnel boring progress, lining, cross-passage construction and surface facilities for the Westerscheldetunnel project.

Sticking points
06 January, 2001