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Update from Forrestfield
05 March, 2019
There is some late-breaking news as Tunnels and Tunnelling International goes to press. On 19 February the Forrestfield-Airport Link’s client announced that its two stopped TBMs should resume tunnelling in mid- and late-March respectively, good news for a project that was previously held up by a sinkhole last September.

Virtually Reality
23 August, 2013
IN A darkened room beneath the massive Herrenknecht manufacturing plant in Schwanau, Germany, a man squats and stands, bends and twists in front of a large screen. As he leans, the 3D graphic of a TBM on the wall in front of him distorts and warps to the eyes of everyone else in the room.

Look back to move forward
27 December, 2012
Last month the world’s oldest working digital computer was rebooted after three years of painstaking rebuilding. The machine was found in a storeroom where it had been left abandoned for 15 years. In its prime in the 1950s the computer had been used by the UK’s atomic energy research programme. The 2.5t machine will now take pride of place at Bletchley Park, the site of the English code breaking efforts during World War II.