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Herrenknecht to employ refugees
01 November, 2017
Germany - Herrenknecht has taken in its annual set of apprentices. Among the 56 this year and, the Germany TBM manufacturer has hired five refugees for the first time. The new hires are training for occupations such as mechatronics engineers, industrial, structural and machining mechanics, electronics engineers, industrial business administrators, specialists for metal technology, technical product designers or IT specialists.

Shieldhall breakthrough
25 October, 2017
Great Britain - The TBM has broken through on the Shieldhall project. At GBP 100M, Scotland’s largest wastewater tunnel has taken 15 months to excavate.

In the field
18 October, 2017
In June students from the geomechanics graduate program at Queen’s University in Kingston, travelled to Europe for two weeks of research and tours—seeing first hand the challenges and innovative solutions required to complete the region’s impressive geological engineering projects. Mark Diederichs reports

Why hold back those tiers
12 October, 2017
Martin Knights looks at the process of cooperation and innovation, and calls for a more collegial approach

Balancing the old with the new
21 August, 2017
Creating Thessaloniki’s first ever metro system means striking a balance between preserving historic artefacts and delivering a state of the art public transport system

Final Emscher breakthrough
11 August, 2017
Germany - Tunnelling and pipe jacking has concluded on the Emscher sewer. The final drives, two 10km-long main collectors in the town of Oberhausen, were carried out by contractor Porr between October 2014 and June 2017 using two Herrenknecht 3,397mm EPBMs.

Belchen breakthrough
27 July, 2017
Switzerland – Breakthrough on the Belchen Tunnel was achieved on 21 June. The road tunnel, which runs for 3.2km and has a cut diameter of nearly 14m, passes through the Jura Mountains between Basel and Lucerne and has been constructed to facilitate traffic flow while renovation work is carried out on two existing tunnels.

Karlsruhe cuts
28 June, 2017
Creating the first underground metro line for Karlsruhe in Germany has required a trilogy oftunnelling methods and extensive monitoring to protect the busy city

Regional Connector project makes milestone
05 June, 2017
US – The TBM excavating twin tunnels for the Regional Connector project in Los Angeles broke through to the Grand Ave/Bunker Hills Station at 2nd/Hope Thursday morning, June 1.

Dear green place
29 May, 2017
It is the morning after Burns Night and Tunnels and Tunnelling visits the Costain-Vinci Construction Grands Projets joint venture working on the Shieldhall Strategic Tunnel project in Glasgow for client, Scottish Water. One of the main purposes is to stop the disfiguring floods in the city whose name in broken Gaelic means ‘dear green place’

Uncanny valley
23 May, 2017
The use of digital technology to improve training is growing in the tunnelling sector withinnovations that can improve safety and save money

10 May, 2017
NAS TT-NW awarded TransCanada Corporation, CCI Inc., and Michels Canada the 2016 Northwest Trenchless Project of the Year for the Northern Courier Pipeline at its annual November conference. Crossing the Athabasca River is a milestone for the HDD Industry as the longest NPS 42 installation completed to date in North America, Patrick O’Donoghue, Michels Canada, and Samuel Wilson, CCI , report

Shieldhall construction halfway complete
10 May, 2017
Great Britain - Work on Glasgow’s Shieldhall project is halfway complete, according to Scottish Water. In an announcement in early May, the client said that the milestone was reached as the TBM passed under Pollok Park. The project will be the longest wastewater tunnel in Scotland when complete.

An Italian job
18 April, 2017
Paola De Pascali talked with Antonio Nicola, a long-standing engineer at Salini-Impregilo, to get a look at the history and tunnelling experience of the company as it wins a major Australian project, the Forrestfield to Airport Link in Perth. The award was seen by some as a key moment for Italian companies and ideas working in the country

Bolaños Tunnel
18 April, 2017
An innovative stabilisation system has allowed contractor FCC-Acciona to stay on track boring the Bolaños Rail Tunnel, which is a critical part of Spain’s high speed rail expansion

Shaping up
29 March, 2017
Tunnel navigation specialist VMT has partnered with US geo-positioning expert Topcon to create what they claim is the best solution yet for deformation monitoring

The big City move
22 March, 2017
TBMs are being built on an ever-larger scale, pushing the limits our congested cities can accommodate. Rhian Owen speaks with two freight forwarding companies about the obstacles they face when machines move through large cities

Milan to Genoa high speed rail
21 February, 2017
Paola De Pascali visited the sites of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi project, the new high-speed Milan-Genoa railway line

Utility placement
30 January, 2017
Tunnels and Tunnelling takes a trip to Herrenknecht in Schwanau and meets Michael Lubberger, senior product manager for pipelines to find out more about developments in the utility placement range

The bog standard
30 January, 2017
Tunnels and Tunnelling speaks with engineers working on the east renfrewshire water main project as Scottish Water aims to improve drinking water for 200,000 people