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Boom to meet needs
26 December, 2011
The economies of Latin American countries are bucking the global trend and are the strongest they have been for many years. Nicole Robinson and Maurice Jones highlight some market factors and important projects in this increasingly important region for tunneling

New world's largest for northern Russia
26 December, 2011
Plans were recently announced to utilise the world's largest diameter TBM to bore a highway tunnel under the Rive Neva in St Petersburg, Russia, to alleviate seasonal road and river traffic problems. Mikhail Ryzhevskiy of the project concessionaire, LLC Nevskaya Concession Company, explains the background and plans for the project soon to commence

Forward thrust
26 December, 2011
The team behind the Herrenknecht direct pipe method takes a look at the achievements of the system since its launch some four years ago

Full steam to the finish
19 December, 2011
The TBM mining the five-and-ahalf-mile South Cobb Tunnel in Georgia holed through in March of this year, despite hurricanes and unseasonal winter weather along its journey. This milestone came roughly one year ahead of schedule. Nicole Robinson reports on the success at South Cobb

Corrosion proofing to protect sewers
19 December, 2011
In 2006, the EPA reported on emerging technologies in gravity sewer conveyance liners. Since that time some of the technologies in corrosion proofing of segmented liners have emerged. In the first of a two-part series Jon Kaneshiro, David Yankovich and Kenneth Kuhr of Parsons Corporation review available one- and two-pass corrosion proof liner systems

Moving forward in Miami
19 December, 2011
The Port of Miami Tunnel’s journey from initial concept to financial close has not been simple. With the 12.8m diameter TBM finally in the ground Nicole Robinson talks to Rick Wilson, COO and technical manager of the Port of Miami Tunnel project, about site preparation just days before the massive machine begins its journey

First Crossrail TBM displayed in Schwanau
13 December, 2011

Meeting challenges under pressure
14 November, 2011
Traditional compressed air work in tunnelling, also referred to in some quarters as caisson work and diving, has all but disappeared in modern tunnelling, but new challenges have been thrown up by deeper tunnels and those of larger section. These are being taken up by sophisticated procedures to ensure the safety of those involved in necessary work. Maurice Jones reviews some leading practitioners and their tunnelling work and equipment. Additional material from Nicole Robinson

Raising the pressure
10 November, 2011
Adding an extra turbine to the Vianden pump storage plant in Luxembourg requires a new vertical pressure shaft. Benjamin Kunstle and Alexander Frey of Herrenknecht explain how the raiseboring is sinking in

POMT TBM Launch delayed
08 November, 2011

Soil conditioning for clays in EPBMs
20 October, 2011
In this, the first of a two-part paper, the authors review previous work on the properties of soils including clay and the problems it can cause in its excavation with particular reference to slurry shield and EPB machines. The second part will be published in the November issue of T&TI

Where the work is
18 October, 2011
As T&TI goes to press the general and business media are awash with stories of economic gloom and dire predictions, and yet the tunnelling industry in Western Europe seems relatively buoyant. Can this comparatively happy state continue? Maurice Jones checks on the major current and planned projects and the prospects for some big players headquartered in Western Europe

Prepared for the long haul
18 October, 2011
Since precast concrete segmental tunnel lining was invented, there has never been so much development of the ‘product’ as in recent years, even though, superficially, it may look the same. Maurice Jones looks at some of these developments aimed at increasing tunnelling progress whilst avoiding mishaps

MVB completes first Beckton shaft sinking
12 October, 2011

Xi Shi cuts in at West Island Line
12 October, 2011

Florida green lights Port of Miami Tunnel
12 October, 2011

Mitigation and alternatives: making hand mining better
26 September, 2011
A current trend in tunnelling, as in many other industries, is against manual labour, but in many situations hand mining seems the logical first choice until one considers the hazards involved that are arguably greater then those associated with large-section tunnelling. Maurice Jones checks on the current status of the activity, mitigation to improve hand mining, and the alternatives offered by some equipment manufacturers.

Herrenknecht supplies last Crossrail TBMs
22 September, 2011

Panama Metro contractor receives TBMs
02 September, 2011

Qatar set for next tunnelling boom
22 August, 2011
Mechanised tunnelling is finding favour in the Middle East as infrastructure plans increasingly call for underground development. Bernadette Ballantyne reports