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HSE issues welding warning
25 February, 2020
Great Britain – The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a reminder that companies must protect their workers from the risks from welding fume. The HSE is undergoing a programme of inspections following a February 2019 safety alert. New evidence showed that exposure to mild steel welding fume can cause cancer.

Crossrail issues Bond Street air quality update
24 October, 2019
Great Britain – Crossrail and contractor Costain Skanska JV ordered an independent air quality survey at the Bond Street project, following concerns about two (off-site) worker fatalities.

Stakeholders reject working conditions as cause of Bond Street deaths
10 October, 2019
Great Britain – Two workers on Crossrail’s Bond Street project passed away in their sleep in the same week. Various media have reported that working conditions relating to air quality or stress were to blame, but this has been rejected by stakeholders. Reports of further investigation, or further details of the illness were not forthcoming from the contractor or client.

HSE to assume ‘no comment is assent’ on exposure limits
25 January, 2018
International - All European countries are being faced with implementing lower exposure limits for a number of hazardous substances in August this year. The two substances of most interest to tunnellers are nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide found in diesel engine exhaust and blasting fume.

Britain launches segmental lining code of practice
20 April, 2016
GREAT BRITAIN – A specification for the design of concrete segmental linings was launched in mid-April. The document, “Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 8810:2016 – Tunnel Design: Design of concrete segmental linings: Code of practice” was produced by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and lead technical author Arup.

UK Health and Safety Executive cost recovery scheme delayed
03 April, 2012
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) did not implement its new cost recovery scheme at the start of April as planned.

Vibration deadline at 100
24 August, 2011

Guidance, not restrictions
03 September, 2007

Tesco tunnel partial collapse in UK
23 August, 2005

Work on Strood halted following accident
22 March, 2004

Nishimatsu's £1M blowout
01 February, 2004

CTRL restart
01 May, 2003

Geoconsult fine to stand says HSE
14 October, 2000

White finger payout warning to industry
29 September, 2000

Heathrow collapse was "organisational"
01 August, 2000

HAVS talk to put cards on the table
16 September, 1999

Geoconsult appeal turned down
16 September, 1999