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Gotthard TBM starts up
01 December, 2002

Third Montreal tunnel tender
01 December, 2002

The history and future of fire tests
01 November, 2002
Ricky Carvel, research associate studying fires in tunnels at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, describes recent research into the phenomena of tunnel fires. He also points out areas where more in-depth research is needed and some of the worrying trends that have developed through commercially driven fire tests

The cutting edge - ICUTROC
01 October, 2002
Until recently, use of roadheaders in harder rock has raised excavation costs sharply. Karlheinz Gehring, head of the Geotechnical Department at Voest Alpine Bergtechnik GmbH, describes the ICUTROC R&D initiative, that has been undertaken to develop roadheader hard rock cutting technology

Gotthard blasting start-up
01 July, 2002

Alpine client to repair damage
01 May, 2002

Expert advice for Taiwan's PinGlin
01 May, 2002
Taiwan's Pinglin tunnel saga continues as contractors battle with faults, fractures and floods. Adrian Greeman describes the new measures taken in a project re-think, that is the result of recommendations given by a panel of expert tunnelling professionals

Policies and projects - Swiss style
01 April, 2002
Informative presentations on two quite different tunnelling projects in Switzerland demonstrate the differences in approach between the contracting arrangements and construction of tunnels in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. The presenters were Martin Knights, director of Infrastructure, Halliburton KBR and Paul Hoyland, Technical Manager for Balfour Beatty Major Projects

Mont Cenis - the first trans-Alpine tunnel
01 March, 2002
Promoted as a symbol of Italian nationality, the Mont Cenis Tunnel broke through the Alps in 1870 after 13 years of almost non-stop work. Myles O'Reilly looks at the innovations in rock tunnelling techniques sparked off by this massive project

Downunder 2002 on track
01 February, 2002
As reported in the January edition of T&TI, the ITA World Tunnel Congress will be hosted by the Australian Underground Construction and Tunnelling Association (AUCTA), a founder member of the ITA, in Sydney from 2-8 March 2002. Garry Ash of Walter Construction, president of the AUCTA, explains why the timing of this event is particularly relevant

January 2001 - 2002 News Review
01 February, 2002

France to invest in safety
01 February, 2002

St Gotthard to re-open
14 January, 2002

Better safe than sorry
11 January, 2002
Bavarian passengers wanting a high speed connection north must wait a little longer than expected for the new InterCity Express line from Munich to Nuremberg reports Adrian Greeman.