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Hunting the record
20 February, 2020
Romed Insam from Brenner Base Tunnel SE and Michael Rehbock-Sander, head of engineering at the Brenner Base Tunnel North JV, working for Amberg Engineering, report on the challenges and the current state of the future longest tunnel in the world

Aecom to provide technical assistance for the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail line
03 December, 2019
France – Aecom has been awarded a framework contract to provide technical support for the design and construction stages of the Lyon to Turin high-speed rail line, which includes 57.5km twin bored base tunnel between St Jean de Maurienne, France, and Chiomonte in Italy.

Life with the Seri Nala
30 September, 2019
With excavation complete, engineers from the Afcons side of the Strabag- Afcons joint venture recall the most challenging moments from the southern drive of the Rohtang Tunnel. Alex Conacher reports

Welcome to Naples
10 April, 2019
Andrea Pigorini, president of Italy’s national tunnelling body SIG welcomes the industry to Naples for the 2019 World Tunnel Congress

Flood control
24 January, 2019
Paola De Pascali talked with the technical director of Lombardi, Alessandro Damiani and Pierfrancesco Redaelli engineer of PAC, about the challenges met during the excavation of a water diversion tunnel in Genoa

The bypass is back
08 October, 2018
Paola De Pascali talked with two directors of Autostrade per l’Italia, Roberto Tomasi and Alberto Selleri to explore the Genoa bypass project and its geological challenges amongst a large presence of asbestos

Squared up
25 April, 2018
Paola De Pascali speaks to engineers working to improve the highway network in central Italy

Springs Tunnel Refurbishment
27 March, 2018
Alun Thomas from supplier Minova and Dave Thomas from main contractor AMCO look at some of the products and systems used for the Springs Tunnel refurbishment project

School’s in
22 January, 2018
Paola De Pascali looks at an array of the education and training programmes for underground construction that are on offer around the world

Mini-Cam expands into Austria
12 April, 2017
Austria – The pipeline inspection equipment company Mini-Cam has opened a new factory in Austria. The site was set up for its subsidiary, InPipe Innovation and it has allowed the subsidiary to move from a small workshop to a 7,500 sq ft (700 sq m) facility in the Alpine village of Riezlern, Kleinwalsertal, near the German border.

Learning through doing
08 June, 2016
TODAY CELEBRATIONS are underway in Switzerland as the world’s longest railway tunnel opens. It is 1 June, and stakeholders and political figures are attending a day-long programme of events at the tunnel, prior to a festival for the people involved in the project which is due to take place tomorrow.

WTC 2016
01 April, 2016
Registration is open for the worldwide tunnelling event of the year, with as many as 600 unique technical presentations, short courses and breakout sessions, and more than 200 exhibitors from around the world. Here’s a look at the highlights planned for this year’s conference and be sure to visit Tunnels & Tunnelling at Booth 1215 at this year’s WTC in San Francisco.

Running deep
22 January, 2016
Switzerland's Lötschberg, was the first Alpine rail base tunnel to open and focuses now on operations and possible expansion reports Adrian Greeman

The Koralm connection
22 January, 2016
Austria’s Koralm tunnel is part of a new alpine link in Europe. Keren Fallwell reports

Euro Vision
31 December, 2015
The scale and ambition of tunnelling projects in Europe continue to push boundaries. Keren Fallwell Reports.

Long and deep
23 September, 2015
The 21st century has become the era of the base tunnel, boring at unprecedented depths through the giant mountain ranges. Seven are in progress all facing special challenges, reports Adrian Greeman

Are we there yet?
29 January, 2015
Moving materials to a jobsite in the centre of a major city or hauling TBM components up steep mountainous routes has its challenges, which can affect a project’s cost and timescale. Rhian Owen investigates the increasing importance of an effective logistics system from the beginning.

To market
06 November, 2014
The Mexican government is working with the private sector to boost infrastructure development across all sectors. Investment in rail infrastructure over the next four years will further expand the market for tunnelling work in Mexico. Although companies in the US and Canada have already been supplying projects to construct the capital’s metro and sewer system among other development.

Valley Girl
26 March, 2014
The Lyon Turin high speed rail connection calls for a base tunnel under Mount Ambin. Personnel from site manager Systra, and client Lyon Turin Ferroviaire discuss plans for La Maddalena exploratory tunnel, the organisational structure of the stretches of line, and problems that have dogged the project since before site handover

On the high road
19 March, 2014
Roadheaders, the underdog of the tunnelling industry, have secured their place as an economical and variable excavation tool, ideal for short drives and changing ground. Technical journalist Rhian Owen examines the principles.