UK prepares for fourth National Tunnelling Day

5 November 2018

Great Britain – The National Tunnelling Day will take place once again this December. This year it will fall on Thursday 6 December, two days after Saint Barbara’s Day.

The now annual social media event aims to generate interest in the great number of world class tunnelling projects currently being undertaken and to promote the industry (and its many professions) to students of all ages and the general public.

A spokesperson for the BTS Young Members said, “BTSYM will once again take the lead on the UK events and will have a very active presence on the social media with the hashtags that you all know, #NTD2018, #btsym and #ilovetunnels. Stay tuned for more details that will be announced in due course. In the meantime, we would like to invite you to start informing your colleagues and friends that perhaps are not aware of it.”