Protan launches new tunnel membrane

23 March 2021

Protan has launched InfraPlan, a new tunnel membrane system designed for easy installation, low lifecycle costs and other environmental benefits.

Following its August 2019 acquisition of Turkish membrane manufacturer Multiplan, Protan now produces its own tunnel membranes, in addition to its well-known roof membranes, technical fabrics and ventilation products. Protan is already recognised in the tunnel market for its Ventiflex ventilation systems.

Protan’s tunnel membrane has often been applied to Istanbul’s subway system. But the company has now improved the former Turkish product and developed the new InfraPlan membrane, which fulfils the requirements of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration handbook and other European requirements.

The new membrane is said to be easy to install, very serviceable and flexible to work with. Protan’s roof membranes are hailed for their longevity and for having the lowest CO2 footprint in the sector.

Protan R&D Director Lars Anisdahl said: “Protan has 40 years of expertise with membranes and roof systems. We have utilised this knowhow in the development of an already great tunnel membrane product. At the same time, we know and understand the international tunnel market and the players well through our experience with the Ventiflex products.”

Anisdahl added: “In addition to protecting the tunnel itself, Protan’s tunnel membrane will also contribute to the protection of the environment in and around the tunnel, for example, to counteract groundwater pollution and to stop leakage of chemicals and oil from the tunnel and into nature.”