Port of Miami tunnel TBM to be delivered today

23 June 2011

The ship that departed Germany loaded with the USD 45M, 13m-diameter Herrenknecht TBM is scheduled to arrive in Miami, Florida, US at 6.30pm EDT (UTC -5), dependant on weather conditions. The ship will enter Miami through the man-made shipping channel, Government Cut and deliver the machine to contractor contractor, Bouygues Civil Works of Florida.

Once unloaded from the ship, the TBM will be moved to a ready-prepared pit on Watson Island. A spokesperson for the project told T&T that the assembly should take around three months for excavation to commence in October on the seven-month eastbound tunnel drive from Watson to Dodge Island.

Readers in Miami will have an opportunity to see and photograph the arrival from South Pointe Park, 1 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.