PJA launches introduction to pipe jacking

16 February 2017

The Pipe Jacking Association has published an updated introduction to pipe jacking and microtunnelling.

The 24 page publication provides an overview of pipe jacking and its benefits, with over 50 updated computer graphics and illustrations. Topics covered include applications and benefits, site investigation, design and construction methods to include details of excavation systems available, pipe jacking pipes, and jacking lengths, loads and tolerances.

A PowerPoint presentation covering the document’s content is also available on the PJA website, which, together with downloadable lecture notes, can form a part of CPD programme.

Pipe jacking is used extensively for the installation of non-disruptive utility tunnels for gravity sewers and drainage in urban areas as well as for under obstructions such as major roads and motorways, railways and rivers and canals. It also used for the provision of conduits for gas, water, electricity and other utilities.

Pipe jacking can deliver considerable environmental benefits compared with open-cut pipe installation as carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 75 per cent, traffic congestion is reduced, and long term damage to existing infrastructure is mostly eliminated.

An Introduction to pipe jacking and microtunnelling (ISBN 978 -1-5272-0331-9) is available from the Pipe Jacking Association www.pipejacking.org . It costs GBP 25 and pdf copies can be downloaded from the website.