Ümraniye-Atasehir-Göztepe TBMs on site

27 March 2020

Turkey – Two Terratec TBMs are being assembled prior to boring the Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe (UAG) metro line in Istanbul. The 6.56m EPBMs will be used by the Gulermak, Nurol & Makyol JV will launch these, and two other identical machines, in mid-May.

The line runs for 13km and will require 11 stations and associated NATM connections. It will form a second north to south rail corridor under the densely-populated Anatolian side of Istanbul and will be located entirely underground at an average depth of about 30m

The TBMs have versatile mixed-face dome-style cutterheads with an opening ratio of about 35%, which has proven to work effectively in Istanbul’s mixed geology – which includes low-strength sandstones, siltstones, limestones and shales. The TBMs will also be equipped with tungsten carbide soft ground cutting tools that are interchangeable with 17’’ roller disc cutters, high torque screw conveyors and active articulation systems.

Gulermak, Nurol & Makyol JV is currently completing TBM testing on-site for the new Ümraniye-Atasehir-Göztepe line, the latest addition to Istanbul’s metro expansion