Liebherr launches slurry wall cutter

31 July 2019

Austria – Liebherr’s deep foundations division released a slurry wall cutter to market at Bauma 2019. Liebherr expects that it will generally be equipped to a 130t duty cycle crawler crane (the company’s own is the HS8130.1), although other capacities are feasible, depending on the size and depth of the slurry wall.

The cutter has a modular design allowing it to be varied in a few ways. Called LSC 8-18 C or L, the C refers to the compact version and the L to the large. The larger version is 4m longer and can be up to 17t heavier than the smallest compact. Slurry wall thicknesses and bite lengths can also be varied as per the table below.

The slurry wall cutter is fitted with a hydraulic turning device, which enables the continuous alignment of the slurry wall cutter in the trench. This means all possible working positions are covered. Twelve independently controllable steering flaps correct the cutting direction, and the actual position of the flaps is displayed in real time on the monitor in the operator's cab.

Technical data

Wall thickness: 800 - 1,800 mm
Bite lengths: 2,800 - 3,200 mm
Weight version C (compact): 29.0 - 40.0 t
Weight version L (large): 33.0 - 46.0 t
Cuttings pump, max. capacity: 450 m³/h
Torque of cutter wheel drive: 110 kNm
Rotational speed of cutter wheel drive: 0.0 - 28.5 U/min
Total height version C (compact): 8,000 mm
Total height version L (large):12,000 mm
Turning (left/right): -50 to 95 °
Max. working depth: 110 m