Hagihara Industries buys Elasto Plastic Concrete

16 April 2018

Hagihara Industries of Japan announced last week it has acquired 100 per cent ownership of BarChip macro synthetic fibre (MSF) distributor Elasto Plastic Concrete (EPC).

Hagihara Industries developed the original BarChip fibre in the mid 90s, launching in the Japanese construction market in 1996. Since 2000, Hagihara and EPC have been partners in the development and distribution of BarChip macro synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement. The combination of Hagihara’s world class plastics extrusion technology and EPC’s concrete technology expertise resulted in the rapid development of BarChip and MSF technology breakthroughs.

EPC CEO Matthew Clements states: “From the beginning, EPC and Hagihara worked hand in hand to develop a non-corrosive synthetic fibre that was capable of replacing steel reinforcement in many types of reinforced concrete. Without the collaboration and openness between our two companies and our customers, the success of BarChip would not have been possible. As one company we will be able to significantly increase our service to customers, through increased research, supply chain improvements and enhanced human resources.”

Hagihara Industries said it is excited about the acquisition of EPC. Yoshiaki Hagihara states: “Hagihara Industries believe that we must always continue to evolve, to become a valuable company for the sake of society and mankind. Through the economic, engineering performance and environmental benefits delivered by BarChip reinforcement, we can increase our positive impact on society. BarChip has been built on the promise of high performance, manufacturing quality and above all customer service. Together with EPC, as one company, we will continue to uphold these values.”

BarChip customers can continue to expect the same level of service from the same representatives, with no disruption to ongoing projects. Indeed, the acquisition of EPC into the Hagihara Group will deliver many benefits to product development, supply chain efficiencies and customer support.