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November 2019


Keeping Pace
14 November 2019 Frank Grundholm, vice president for global HVACR sales at ABB Motion, explains how variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used together with electric motors for the effective control of rail and road tunnel ventilation fans

Forum Tunnel incident
14 November 2019 A tunnel fire is never a positive event, but when there is no loss of life there is good reason to be thankful. Fläkt Woods issued this account of a recent incident

Keeping up the Pressure
14 November 2019 A cut-and-cover tunnel in Italy will make use of high pressure compressed air in what engineers are claiming is a first for the Mediterranean country. Paola De Pascali spoke with Andrea Pigorini, the head of infrastructure engineering at Italferr, and a spokesperson for Salini Impregilo, to find out more

Adverse conditions
14 November 2019 Tunneling at Vietnam’s arduous Thuong Kon Tum HEPP draws to a close.

October 2019


Clean water
31 October 2019 Kristian Downs, export manager for Siltbuster explains the use of the company’s system on the Gothenburg Metro project

In the clear
31 October 2019 Tunnelling below St. Louis will improve wastewater capacity and alleviate overflows, Desiree Willis, technical writer for Robbins, reports

To boldly go underground
31 October 2019 Paola De Pascali speaks with Jamal Rostami, head of mining engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, who has been looking at the challenges of tunnelling on the moon

No changes, No regrets
31 October 2019 Paola De Pascali returns to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline’s landfall site to check on progress as the project enters its final stages

Manila Aqueduct
31 October 2019 At the June 2019 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society, GHD’s practice leader for tunnels, Brendan Henry spoke about the NBAQ 4 project to deliver water to seven million residents in the Manila metropolitan area. Alex Conacher reports

The Emerald Book
31 October 2019 FIDIC board member Aisha Nadar is the main board liaison for contracts. She explains the rationale and thinking behind the recently launched FIDIC Emerald Book, the Conditions of Contract for Underground Works

Muck transportation systems
22 October 2019 During the construction of tunnel projects, large quantities of excavation material are created. Muck transportation systems are among the critical elements in the tunnelling process.

ASA publishes position statements for underground Shotcrete
22 October 2019 Axel Nitschke, tunnel practice leader (NATM), for WSP USA , is chair of the ASA Underground Committee. He gives background on two new papers from the association

SDC 2019
22 October 2019 Toronto is hosting the 4th International Conference on Shaft Design and Construction this November. It is the first time the event is held in America

TAC Directors’ Reports / Quebec and Maritimes
22 October 2019 Every autumn the TAC directors report on projects and activities in their regions.

International relations
21 October 2019 On behalf of TAC, Andre Rancourt travelled to China to attend a workshop hosted by the China Railway Society.

In demand in Montreal
21 October 2019 A local building boom has affected the supply of shotcrete to contractors across the tunnelling and wider construction industry. Liam Ireland, technical sales engineer, King Packaged Materials Company, reports

September 2019


Navigating live tunnel connections
30 September 2019 Connecting the Des Plaines Tunnel System to the McCook Reservoir is one of the latest – and more challenging – components of TARP. Report by Cary Hirner and Faruk Oksuz of Black & Veatch, and Carmen Scalise of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Properties of Fibres
30 September 2019 Benoit De Rivaz, a fibre expert working with Bekaert Maccaferri, a supplier of steel and polymer fibre discusses the various material characteristics of steel and polymer fibres, with special regards to long-term performance

Tunnelling costs and production rates benchmarked
30 September 2019 Bill Grose of Bill Grose Consulting and Aleister Hellier of the Infrastructure Projects Authority at Her Majesty’s Treasury in the UK present this paper on efforts to benchmark UK tunnelling costs and production rates in 2018

Code red
30 September 2019 Following the World Tunnel Congress in Naples, Paola de Pascali looks at Italy’s political and economic crisis, which is shared by the construction sector, itself struggling to stay afloat as large amounts of money are being lost