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Getting a picture
22 November, 2018
Fugro’s Rod Eddies, Simon Brightwell and Ray Wood discuss how tunnelling risks related to the ground and built structure can be managed into better stakeholder outcomes - such as accelerated construction, extended asset life and optimised return on investment - through integrated and appropriately phased use of modern geoscientific technologies
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The difference is in the detail 22 November, 2018 The tender process of the Rijnlandroute tunnel project in the West of the Netherlands adopted the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principle. This meant that the pricing offer of all bidders was reduced to a certain degree, based upon each bidder’s score for predefined criteria. Criteria such as reduction of hindrance, reduction of risks and request for a damage-free lining led to an incentive for innovation
A New Life for Abotunnel 22 November, 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with Marcelo Alfaro, chair of the Bolivian Tunnelling Society to understand their challenges and to explore their future plans as the society prepares to relaunch
One big bore 22 November, 2018 Rail projects across North America are considering single tunnel drives, Nicole Robinson reports
Tarcisio Celestino 22 November, 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with ITA president Tarcisio Celestino about his experience at the organisation and in which he shares some goals of the strategic plan
Rules of Thumb: Auger boring 01 November, 2018 Tackling various ground conditions and often offering comparably lower costs than other trenchless methods, columnist Keivan Rafie explains considerations for auger boring
A word to the wise 01 November, 2018 Mark Knight, associate professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and executive director of CATT, at at the University of Waterloo, reviews geotechnical considerations for new trenchless construction projects.
Interface 01 November, 2018 Greg Austin, marketing director, and Xia Cao, principal scientist, of GCP Applied Technologies discuss using waterproofing with shotcrete in underground construction
Concrete evidence 01 November, 2018 T&T looks at developments in concrete and related materials
Take initiative 01 November, 2018 Lindsey Gauthier, research assistant, and Lana Gutwin, research coordinator, both of CETT, outline the work and research of the consortium, which is part of the University of Alberta
Getting clearance 01 November, 2018 Navigating existing infrastructure above and below ground, Dragados/ Tomlinson has completed the first of two drives for a new stormwater storage system in Ottawa. Nicole Robinson reports
Under the dam 26 October, 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with Tony Dell, lead geotechnical engineer at SNC-Lavalin to discuss the excavation of the John Hart powerhouse and tunnels, including an unexpected soft ground surprise
TAC Directors’ Annual Reports 26 October, 2018 Each regional director for the TAC writes a report in October sharing the status of work and forthcoming projects in the five chapters across Canada