Normet provides advanced solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnel construction. Normet develops, manufactures and markets equipment and construction chemicals for underground processes such as concrete spraying, explosive charging and underground logistics. Normet's offering includes a comprehensive range of life time care services around the equipment and around the processes they are used for.

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Ahmolantie 6
Company Tel: +358 17 83241
Company Fax: +358 17 823606
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Key Personnel

Director, Region Sub-Saharan Africa: Gary Clench
President and CEO, Normet Group: Robin Lindahl
Senior. V. P., Sales, Marketing & Bus. Development: Mike Rispin
Vice President, Region Asia: Alan Pengelly
Vice President, Region Australia: Neil Fitzmaurice
Vice President, Region Europe and North Africa: : Ross Dimmock
Vice President, Region Latin America: Marcelo Anabalon
Vice President, Region Nordics: Patrik Jakas
Vice President, Region North America: Greg Hallet
Vice President, Region North Eurasia: Jukka Kurhinen
Director, Region Middle East: Mohammed Alwan

Company Details

VAT No: FI 15142 001
Company Type: Manufacturer

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