SWEDFAN has been involved in ventilation design, delivering its own SWEDFAN Ventilation Systems to more than 2,000 tunnel projects "worldwide" since 1995. We produce our own flexible ventilation ducting in our own factory since 1995. Today we have two factories, one in Europe and one in Asia. The Fans are our own design, since 1995, and are produced by a subcontractor in Sweden. We perform the calculation of the appropriate fans starting from the tunnel area, diesel kW in loading, max ducting lengths mm. This design work is free of charge with the hope of getting orders on the fans and ducting.
"Your supplier of a turnkey ventilation system for underground works since 1995"
- High-pressure tunnelling fans
- Flexible ventilation ducting
- Dust collectors
- Cooling systems
- Ventilation system design
- Project supervision"

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Swedfan International AB
Box 110
Company Tel: +46 707 90 27 58
Company Email: info@swedfan.se
Company Website: www.swedfan.se

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Sales Director: Peter Dime

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URL: www.swedfan.se

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