For nearly 30 years, Shotcrete Technologies, Inc, been providing quality products and services to the tunnelling and underground industries. In addition to our SHOT-TECH ROBOTIC ARM, SHOTSET 250, and ST ALKALI FREE ACCELERATORS, that have become industry stands, Shotcrete Technologies, has recently developed Shotcreting in the Round for Shaftlining (Vertical) and Shotlining (horizontal culverts and etc). This centrifugal lining process, allows for shotcrete placement robotically and in less than half the time of conventional lining. Check our website: www.shotcretetechnologies.com for project details.

Contact Details

Shotcrete Technologies Inc
PO Box 3274
1431 Miner Street
Idaho Springs
United States
Company Tel: +1 303 5674871
Company Fax: +1 303 5674605
Company Email: info@shotcretetechnologies.com
Company Website: www.shotcretetechnologies.com

Key Personnel

President: Kristian Loevlie
V.P: Mary Jane Loevlie

Company Details

Year Established: 1980
Company Type: Consultant, Manufacturer, Supplier

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