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Network Rail gives historic deep shaft a new lease of life
24 September, 2021
Network Rail has completed the rehabilitation of a 241m-deep ventilation shaft serving the Cowburn Tunnel, located in a remote moorland area of the Peak District National Park and also one of the UK’s deepest railway tunnels.

Anti-Stonehenge scheme campaigners up the ante
23 September, 2021
Boris Johnson is under pressure to scrap the proposed tunnel that will pass close to Stonehenge, following an open letter sent to 10 Downing Street by campaigning group Stonehenge Alliance, citing the adverse impact the tunnel would have on the World Heritage Site (WHS).

Open tender launched for Oslo E6 water supply project
22 September, 2021
Oslo Municipality and Water Authority recently launched an open tender for the construction of the E6 Rentvannstunnel Clean Water Tunnel to bring treated water from a new plant at Huseby to the capital, Oslo, and also includes construction of new connections to the existing network.

Swiss underground goods conveyance network gets go ahead
21 September, 2021
Cargo sous terrain (CST), the proposed system for transporting goods within Switzerland through tunnels linking production/distribution sites with urban centres has been given the green light by the country’s parliament.

Breakthrough achieved on India’s widest tunnel
21 September, 2021
Infrastructure provider Afcons has achieved the fourth and final breakthrough on India’s widest tunnel, the twin-tubed Igatpuri Tunnel in Maharashtra. At 8km long, the tunnel is also the fourth longest in the country.

RFQ released for Scarborough Subway Extension
20 September, 2021
Ontario’s government (the Province of Ontario) has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the design and delivery of the new subway stations, rail and systems work for Toronto’s Scarborough Subway Extension.

TBM blamed for sinkholes in Montreal wetland
20 September, 2021
Construction work on Greater Montreal’s light rail network (REM) was the cause of sinkholes that formed in the wetlands of Technoparc Montreal, according to Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC).

AECOM wins environmental assessment for longest road tunnel
16 September, 2021
Following a competitive tender, infrastructure provider AECOM has been awarded a contract to undertake the environmental assessment of what looks set to become Australia’s longest road tunnel.

German team wins Musk boring competition
15 September, 2021
TUM Boring, in association with the Technical University of Munich, has won The Boring Company’s inaugural Not-a-Boring Competition 2021, having completed a tunnel in the fastest time with its mechanical excavation machine.

Mammoth Chinese hard-rock TBM launches in Georgia
13 September, 2021
Crews from China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG) have completed in three months the assembly and launch of one of the world's largest diameter, full-face, hard rock tunnel boring machines for the Kvesheti-Kobi highway tunnel project in Georgia.

India plans major tunnel beneath Brahmaputra River
13 September, 2021
India is planning to build a road tunnel under the Brahmaputra River in the northeast of the country as a military response to China’s strategy in the troubled border region.

TBM for Scarborough Subway Extension nearing completion
09 September, 2021
Teams at Herrenknecht’s factory in Schwanau, Germany are progressing with the tunnel boring machine that will bore what will become Toronto’s biggest subway tunnel.

Smart grout system could completely replace bentonite
08 September, 2021
A new environmentally-friendly backfill grout solution said to completely replace bentonite and allow pumping over long distances has been developed.

Jerusalem caverns present challenges of biblical proportions
08 September, 2021
Based on a presentation by Dr Roberto Schuerch of Pini Swiss Engineers, technical journalist Roland Herr gives an overview of an outstanding underground project brimming with engineering challenges

Tackling Toronto’s CSO Woes
08 September, 2021
Toronto’s sewers are overloaded. Combined sewer overflows frequently spill into Lake Ontario, local rivers and streams. A major clean-up involving three separate tunnelling projects and more besides, is in progress. Julian Champkin reports

STUVA preparing for its first post-lockdown meeting
07 September, 2021
STUVA – the Germany-based tunnel conference and trade fair to be held this year in Karlsruhe – is on target for a 24-26 November opening, thereby becoming one of the first in-person tunnel events to take place after the lockdown.

Closed form tunnel analysis methods
07 September, 2021
In the first of a series of articles, Stephen Doran looks at closed-form tunnel analysis methods, their background and how they can provide an insight into the underlying assumptions used in software

Tunnel vision
07 September, 2021
TunnelSkills – the national specialist training forum for the UK tunnelling industry – specialises in the application of immersive learning and new technology to improve training, learning and recruitment in the sector

NATM through challenging fault zones
07 September, 2021
Ryo Kashiwagi of Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency (JRTT) discusses the challenges from tunnelling the double-track Shinkansen railway which is close to an existing highway tunnel in an extremely soft fault crush zone

Sustainable solutions
07 September, 2021
Arnaud Hochart, geotechnical and monitoring manager at Implenia, discusses the technical challenges encountered on Lyon’s Metro B Line extension, including the open-pored, high-permeability alluviums with the associated risks of slurry loss and ground instability