Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels – second edition

12 September 2019

International – The second edition of Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels was published last week. The book was written by Alun Thomas of All2Plan Consulting and is an update to his 2008 version.

Aimed at practising engineers on site, in the design office or in client organisations, the book covers all aspects of SCL tunnelling from the constituents of sprayed concrete to detailed design and management during construction. Publisher CRC Press said, “Although there is a close interdependence between all the facets of sprayed concrete, few engineers have the right breadth of experience and expertise to cover all of them. This urgently needs to be transferred to the wider engineering community as SCL tunnels play an increasingly important role in the delivery of the underground infrastructure which modern urban life demands.”

According to Thomas, developments in the field have led to the need for this second edition.

“The last 10 years have seen some significant innovations in the field of sprayed concrete which are covered in detail in the second edition. Most notably, the spray applied waterproofing membrane technology has matured as evidenced by major projects like Crossrail and Composite Lining design is discussed in detail. Fibres are increasingly replacing bars and mesh as reinforcement so the sections on this have been expanded. As the focus on climate change intensifies, a section on sustainability has also been added.”

Interested readers can purchase the book here: