Singapore’s final DTL project breaks ground

29 November 2011

Construction has begun on Downtown Line Three (DTL3) in Singapore. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) held the groundbreaking ceremony at Expo Station yesterday.

An LTA spokesman identified Expo Station as a key project challenge. “It is positioned almost perpendicular to the existing overground East West Line (EWL) Expo Station. This poses significant constraints on the design and construction of the DTL3 station, as the foundation piles of two viaduct columns currently obstruct the construction of the station.

“The two columns will therefore need to be modified, and will first be underpinned with a transfer structure before being integrated with the EWL Expo station's roof slab. As station construction will be carried out beside the operational EWL Expo station, a top down construction method was chosen, with diaphragm walls as a retaining system to minimise ground and structural movement.”

The 21km, fully underground DTL3 will complete in 2017. It is planned to run almost parallel to the EWL with 16 stations. Due to challenging Singaporean ground conditions, extensive treatment works were planned before construction is executed.

The LTA also announced yesterday that the basic structures of all DTL1 stations have been completed. It will complete in 2013. The DTL2 will complete in 2015. The total 42km DTL will experience a daily passenger flow of 500,000.