ITA Tunnelling Awards 2017

23 November 2017

France - The International Tunnelling Association’s annual awards were held last month in Paris. The awards alternate between Europe and a ‘rest of the world’ location, having been held in Singapore and Switzerland over the last two years.

The categories were unchanged, with three project awards broken down by the monetary value of the project; lifetime and young tunneller achievement awards; and lastly technical achievement categories including safety, sustainability and innovative nous.

The winners were:

Major Project of the Year (over EUR 500M): Doha Metro – Qatar

Tunnelling project of the year (EUR 50 to 500M): MTR Shatin to Central Link (SCL) – Hong Kong

Project of the year – up to EUR 50M: Fjærland Hydropower Plants – Norway

Technical Project Innovation of The Year: The construction of bifurcating section of underground expressway underneath residential area in Yokohama, Tokyo – Japan

Technical Product/Equipment Innovation of the Year: Strength monitoring using thermal Imaging (SMUTI) – United Kingdom

Sustainability Initiative of the Year: The Anacostia River Tunnel – USA

Safety Initiative of the Year: Telemach cutterhead disc robotic changing system – Hong Kong

Innovative Underground Space Concept of the Year: Cavern Master Plan – Hong-Kong

Young Tunneller of the Year: Tobias Andersson – Norway

The Lifetime Achievement Award: Einar Broch – Norway