Islamic State tunnel network discovered

27 November 2015

IRAQ – The recently liberated city of Sinjar in northern Iraq has yielded a network of tunnels. Reportedly built by Islamic State militants, the longest of the 30 or 40 tunnels in the network run for “several hundreds of metres”. The tunnels were outfitted with sleeping quarters, electricity, sandbags, medicine and copies of the Koran. Tools for bomb making were also discovered.

Portals were generally constructed into the walls and floors of houses, which were derelict by the time Kurdish forces took the city. Various media sources quote Kurdish commander Shamo Eado as claiming: "Daesh dug these trenches in order to hide from air strikes and have free movement underground as well as to store weapons and explosives. This was their military arsenal.

"As we clear the city of explosives, we expect to find more tunnels. It is just a matter of time."