Crossrail issues Bond Street air quality update

24 October 2019

Great Britain – Crossrail and contractor Costain Skanska JV ordered an independent air quality survey at the Bond Street project, following concerns about two (off-site) worker fatalities.

Crossrail stated that consultant 4-Rail Services has completed an extensive independent air quality survey which found no issues of concern at the site. Additional air quality monitoring has been undertaken by ParkHealth. All dust, oxygen and air movement readings to-date have been within required limits. Air quality monitoring at the site continues.

A spokesperson for the client said, “4-Rail Services has been on site at Bond Street undertaking a combination of personal and static dust monitoring. These monitoring sessions have been undertaken during both day and night shift working. Task specific activities and individuals were identified for personal exposure assessments. All results, to date, have been below the Workplace Exposure Limits as detailed in Health & Safety (HSE) guidance EH40. Spot measurements for gases which include Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrogen Monoxide amongst others, have also been undertaken, throughout the site, again with levels being well below the documented Work Exposure Limits. Further exposure monitoring and continuous assessment of the Bond Street site remains ongoing.”

Air quality and the air quality strategy have been discussed with the HSE and Unite the union. Engagement continues with workers at Bond Street to provide information and reassurance and to update them on the results of the independent air quality monitoring.

Separately, on 8 October a tunnel ventilation fan on another part of the Crossrail project, caused dust to enter the Bond Street site. The site team moved people away from the affected area. An investigation of this event by Crossrail is ongoing.