CBE announces Rastatt mould supply contract

30 April 2015

GERMANY – CBE announced its participation in the Rastatt Tunnel project that will form part of the high speed railway line between Karlsruhe and Basel. Some 42 segment moulds will be delivered to the German precast supplier Max Bögl, which is in charge of the production of approximately 15000 concrete segments for the tunnel with a total length of 4.27 km crossing beneath Rastatt from east to south.

The moulds have an outer diameter of 10,600 mm and an inner diameter of 9,600 mm. Each concrete ring will have a thickness of 500mm, a width of 1,950mm and 2,000mm and will be composed of four standard, two counter-key and one key segment. Segment production will be made in a static plant configuration.

The contractor is ARGE Tunnel Rastatt, a joint venture of Züblin and Hochtief. The building site has been prepared since November 2014, the assembly of the TBM will be in April 2015, tunnelling is scheduled to start in October 2015 and lining is planned to be finished in 2018.